260333_115207221904225_505549_nI have been involved with ShortbreadStories in a variety of different capacities from 2011. I currently work as the Social Media Manager (otherwise know as the Shortbread Elf) and am in the process of becoming a Trustee. In the past I have led workshops and helped organise Shortbread teaching events in and around Dundee.

Shortbread Stories was founded by author Robin Pilcher and bookseller William Thomson in 2007 to develop a concept for publishing short stories. Robin’s initial dream for the site was to be ‘a website designed specifically to be a showcase for writers and to make their stories available to a worldwide audience.’

Overtime the site grew and a community of writers developed. It became a place where people not only shared their writing, but they discussed each other’s work, provided tips on being an author, and acted as a support group for new and early career authors.

It was this commitment to supporting writing growth that spurned the idea of restructuring the organisation from a Private Limited Partnership and into a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. So, in July of 2012, the original LLC was dissolved and ShortbreadStories was given charitable status by OSCR.

Since that time, both Robin and William have stepped down as members of the organization, but still act as strong advocates. The site is run by a group of Trustees and volunteers, boasts over 25,000 members world wide and houses over 8,000 works of original fiction uploaded by our members.

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