1923948_10156133504324183_6056406184166735993_nI graduated with a PhD in Religious from the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, Scotland in June 2017. I am an alumna of the University of Dundee where I completed my MA (Hons) in English in 2007, and my MLitt in Women, Culture and Society in 2008 with a dissertation entitled ‘Eve Again: Reading Lyra as Eve in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials’.

I also work at the University of Strathclyde as Senior Faculty Administrator (Academic Quality) in Strathclyde Business School. I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academic and a Member of the Association of University Administrators.

My thesis investigated the form and transmission of myth in contemporary fantasy literature, focusing on the fiction of American author Gregory Maguire.

My work covers the following areas:

  • Theories of myth, fantasy, adaptation and intertextuality
  • The fairy tale in literature and on film
  • The literary vampire and supernatural hybridity
  • Temporality, contemporary gothic, memory and trauma
  • Speculative and fantastic literature, film, and TV
  • Other worlds in fantasy and science fiction
  • Gender, sexuality and constructions of the self
  • Textual hybritidty in SSF and the Gothic